Steele Wines Seminar with Quincy Steele Fri. Jan 29th 7pm

Quincy Steele began working as winemaker with his father Jed Steele a number of years ago. Based in Lake County, California (north of Sonoma & Napa), Steele produces several tiers of very nice wines: Steele, Shooting Star, Writer’s Block and Stymie. Quincy is also a part of Winemakers Anonymous who produce Calvino Jones wines. Quincy will tell us about this exciting project, and about the history and wine making at Steele Wines. This is a “don’t miss” tasting. Reserve now!
We’ll have yummy snacks halfway through, and there will be a big discount on the featured wines.

Reserve your place now, only $20
sign up at Wine World, or call us at 803-279-9522

Steele Shooting Star Aligote

Steele Cuvee Chardonnay

Steele Carneros Pinot Noir

Callvino Jones (Winemakers Anonymous) Pinot Noir

Writer’s Block Cabernet Franc

Writer’s Block Malbec

Steele Pacini Zinfandel

Steele Red Hill Cabernet Sauvignon

Calvino Jones (Winemakers Anonymous) Mountain Elaboration

Steele Stymie Merlot